Davidian & Mariamian Educational Foundation

Established in 1987 is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality after-school programs that promote the high values of education and the beauty of our multi-cultural society. Davidian & Mariamian Educational Foundation has strong support from the parents and community members as well as the teachers and the principals of the school districts that we serve. Our after-school program is highly recognized by local, state and Federal government officials as an important step for building a strong community and keeping the children away from gangs, drugs, and violence.

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Photo Gallery

Registration currently open for the academic year 2015-2016

You can pay the tuition in two ways

Armenian Language 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
Total Tuition Due $685 $560 $560
Due at registration $285 $200 $200
November 30, 2015 $200 $180 $180
February 28, 2016 $200 $180 $180
TOTAL $685 $560 $560
About Davidian & Mariamian Educational Foundation

Our Philosophy

“Bilingual children, whose native language is other than the language of their existing environment, tend to be able to learn other languages and respect other cultures in a more cohesive way, by becoming familiar and fluent in their own native language and culture”.


Academic Program

D & M Educational Foundation’s programs are designed in an effort to integrate the traditional Armenian educational values and the advanced American educational methodology. This program is conducted in public elementary schools, four days a week after regular school hours, for two hours per session.


Latest news

April 13, 2016
Graduation 2015-15

Graduation Ceremony

Sunday, May 22, 2016, 4:00 PM at Pacific Community Center 501 S. Pacific Ave., Glendale 91204 Tell: (818) 548-8461
April 6, 2016
Glendale-Armenian students stand by the side of Armenian soldiers

Glendale-Armenian students stand by the side of Armenian soldiers

On April 4, the Davidian and Mariamian Educational Foundation of Glendale hosted a short commemorative event dedicated to the Armenian soldiers leading a battle of life and death in Artsakh. During the event, the children presented their pictures of how […]


  • New Year Programs
  • Annual Appreciation Evening
  • Armenian Costume Show(Barekendan/Tarazahandes)
  • Mayreni Ton/ Mother Language Day
  • Graduations Ceremonies

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